World is big

                                                                                       Bigger than the biggest ocean

                                                                                      Longer than the longest valley 

                                                                                       Wider than the widest bluff



                                                                                          World holds beings

                                                                                          Beings are imperfect

                                                                                          Beings are intelligent

                                                                                            Beings are human



                                                                                  World is mysterious and dark   


                                                                                           Beautiful and light


                                                                                               World is mine              

By: Bayleigh (ME)

Genius Hour


            Genius hour is an activity that we do in our classroom, it has to be something you’re passionate about.  For example, Gisselle has always wanted to go to paris so she is drawing the Eiffel tower.  I love to dance, so I am doing a dance video.  I am going to be dancing to swan lake.  I have chosen places that I will dance in front of, I also got a long sheer dress to dance in.  There are 3 movements in the music throughout the song, at first it’s slow, then fast, then slow again, so everytime the music goes up and down I will dance in a different place which is why I picked out three places.  I am so excited, but nervous at the same time!  Thanks for reading, comment below if you have any questions! 🙂   ballet-1191059_960_720 (1)Attribution: HERE

My 100 Word Essay

              One of my most memorable moments was when my friends and I had an incident in the mall.  It was a few months ago when Lizbet, Mariela, and I went to the mall with our babysitter Melanie.  We walked around, got a pretzel, and had fun.  But later that day, we all wanted to go to jcpenneys and jump on all of the beds.  But we couldn’t find Melanie, Lizbet got impatient and dragged both of us into the store anyways.  But when we were jumping on the beds, we heard our names being called.  Without looking back we ran away and when we turned around it was the most embarrassing moment of my life!


 P.S. I’m sorry for the cliff hanger!  Have you ever participated in the 100 word challenge before?  If you want to participate, click HERE


List of 8 Endangered Animals

                                               Animals get killed every single day without us even knowing it!  That’s why I’m going to list the top ten most endangered species.


                 1.    16932704710_ae8dd17ac2_b The Siberian tiger is a strong and independent creature who is threatened.  Population: 450  

2.    Pan_paniscus01   The bonobo ape is threatened, you might have seen them in the movie, Planet of the Apes. Population: 5,000-60,000

3.  1280px-Atlanta_Zoo_Panda The giant panda is endangered, their loss of habitat is why they’re endangered.  Population: 1,864

4.  5164633462_e507802902_oThe Florida panther is in danger because their loss of habitat, they now live in a small part of Florida. Population: 100-120

5. 6876757255_d336e261d0_oThe San Joaquin Kit fox is threatened because they have a loss of habitat from agriculture. Population: under 7,000

6.2-dogs-lrHave you ever heard of the African Wild dog? They are very colorful, and endangered.  Population: 3000-5,500

7.758387-dolphinThe river dolphin’s habitat is rapidly changing along with their population. Population: 1,200-1,800

8.5426539576_e07cfd85d3_oThe white tiger is one of my favorite animals and their population is going down because of people hunting them. Population: 480-540

Favorite Foods

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     America has many delicious, but unhealthy foods.  Some of the most popular foods in America are hamburgers, pizza, hotdogs, and sushi.  Personally, I think that pizza is the best.  I think that people like pizza the best because there is a lot of restaraunts that serve pizza that are popular. America has some of the most fattening foods in the world!  What is your favorite food?



Spooky Stories

                                                             Spooky Stories

        Have you ever felt like you are being watched or followed by ghosts?  That’s exactly how I feel when I’m at my friend’s house!  I usually come to her house during the day and stay the night.  I’m totally comfortable at her house, but once it gets dark, I get an uncomfortable and have a queasy feeling.  We usually watch TV when we get bored, and when I sit there on the couch, I just feel like I’m being watched through the big, dark, glass doors.  I do NOT like going to bed at her house because when I walk through the pitch black hallway towards the room I feel like there is someone following me right by my side!

             Did you know that when you renovate your house or make an in ground pool, spirits and ghosts are attracted to your house?  My cousins have told me for years, that their house is haunted but I never believed them until they actually explained it to me.  Ever since my uncle built the in ground pool they’ve had strange things happen in their house.  That’s why I am always uncomfortable the minute I walk into their house.                                                                                                                                                                  My grandma told me a story about my great grandpa who was in the hospital and he had cancer.  He was laying on a speaking bed that would remind the patients to stay in it and if they got up the bed would feel them get up, so it would tell them to get back in bed.  When he passed away, family came from all over to pray for him in the hospital.  He was just lying there, lifeless, when the bed said, “Patient, please get back in bed.”  Everybodys jaw was dropped open, they realized that his spirit left the bed!






About Bayleigh

11 things you don’t know about me.

1. I like going to the dentist (because my mom works there)

2. I have 13 animals

3. One of my favorite sports is soccer

4. I love to dance

4. Street Ballerina - Tottenham Court Road Station, London

5. I am terrified of ants

6. I’m not a fan of meat

7. I am addicted to the game Sims, I’ve played for four hours straight

8. I love animals

9.  My absolute favorite color is blue

10. My favorite subject in school is writing and reading  

11. I’ve always wanted to got to Venice, Italy

Do you like to play soccer? If so comment below! ⚽⚽😃

All About Me :) :) :)

Hi, my name is Bayleigh and I live in Northern California, I am in 5th grade at Jackson Heights Elementary School. I live with four dogs,three cats,two goldfish,and four sheep. Their names are Colby,Reed,Sofia,Copper,Mittens,Smoky Roy,Jackson,Joey,Liv,Anna,and Ram. My favorite color is blue and if you like blue then please comment the word blue. My favorite subject in school is writing and sometimes reading although I don’t really like school because I get kind of bored. My favorite sports are soccer,swimming,basketball,and dancing. When I’m bored I like watching TV or playing games but when I start to think I’ve been playing to long I stop. So when I’m not inside I am outside running,climbing trees,playing soccer,feeding the sheep,or walking around the neighborhood with my mom. Usually when we go for walks, we walk to my mom’s old boss’s house(he is wealthy). He has two ponds,so we walk down to the bigger pond and my mom relax’s in a chair while I play on a swing. After awhile, we go to the other pond and feed the turtles.
My favorite places to go in town are the Aquarium of pets and the animal shelter, when I grow up I want to work at the animal shelter because I love animals. I like to eat at Tai’s Deli and
Tremont Cafe. I like Tai’s Deli because the food there is unique and delicious. I like Tremont Cafe because the servers there are really nice and fast. In conclusion I hope you learned a lot about me I can’t wait to learn more about you by commenting.

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